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       This song includes typical blues & rock elements and demand all common people to move on. 

       The Bird is the sensible indicator of environment and a confident call for action too - 

       with lttle wings you can touch the sky - move on.                                                                                                                                                           


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        Time ***





iTunes                                                Drumandvoice - Like A Dream #      

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     “Just listened to your new single Crystal Creek on itunes which I enjoyed very much.
      Excellent recording quality and impressive guitar work. This song is a wonderful addition
      to my library...keep up the great work. “ (StratkatBlue 11/2018)



musicians         Horst Külpmann Vocals / Guitars / Bass, Paulina Plucinski Vocals,

                           Kati Brien Sax, Julian Külpmann Drums, Yasmin Habisubrata Rhodes

                   *     Reinhard Bolz Vocals/Guitar,  Nathalie Cherestal & Claudia Schwiering Backings 

                   **   Julius Martinek Rhodes, Johannes Rosenberger Trumpet & Fluegelhorn, Georg Weisbrodt Trombone

                   *** Julius Martinek Rhodes

                   #    Janna Tegtmeier Vocals, Julius Martinek Rhodes, Kati Brien Sax